Bitcoin [BTC] Smart Contract Developer Receives $50,000 Grant from BitMEX

bitmex parent company bitcoin grant

bitmex parent company bitcoin grant

Leading Bitcoin [BTC] derivative’s, BitMEX, the holding company, 100x announces a $50,000 bounty to a core Bitcoin [BTC] developer. Jeremy Rubin, the founder of Judica Inc. is the latest recipient of the 100x Open Source Developer Grant programme. 

Judica Inc. has been working on the implementation of smart contracts on Bitcoin. For this, he maintains the CVT proposal and is developing the Sapio programming language. The blog post from BitMEX lists the goals below,

The lab’s goals are to conduct critical infrastructure on Bitcoin’s mempool, maintain the CheckTemplateVerify (BIP-119) proposal and to develop the Sapio programming language among other things.

The plans of the R&D lab could enhance the usage of Bitcoin and also allow the addition of more applications by regulating Bitcoin on-chain spending and security.

Core Developers

Currently, there are 31 grants so far from institutions like Square Crypto Inc., BitMEX, Okcoin, MIT Digital Currency Initiative and so on. The new holding company structure of BitMEX, branded 100x, was announced on 15th July which took over HDR Global Trading. The management, nonetheless, is still the same. Square Crypto Inc. is the firm founded by Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder to develop and provide en masse crypto services primarily focusing on Bitcoin.

One of the leading recipients of these grants is BTC Pay Server which is an open-source payment processor. Apart from this, Blockstream led by Adam Back is another leading firm which works on Bitcoin core development.

Do you think smart contracts on Bitcoin [BTC] could be a reality and how will it affect the crypto market? Please share your views with us. 

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