Bitcoin Price Pierces the Ultimate $10,500 Level: Will Bulls Manage to Hold?

  • Just minutes ago, Bitcoin pierced the crucial $10,500 level for the first time since rallies earlier this year. The level is of utmost importance for BTC bulls as previous bull trends ended at $10,500.
  • Bitcoin’s strength comes as altcoins have crashed across the board, potentially giving validity to the ongoing uptrend.
  • Analysts, from those on Wall Street to those in the crypto space, say that BTC must hold above $10,500 in the days ahead to confirm a macro uptrend.

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Bitcoin Must Hold $10,500

The importance of $10,500 to Bitcoin should not be understated. This level marked highs for BTC’s rallies on three distinct occasions over the past 12 months: October’s “President Xi Pump,” the February rally from 2019 lows, and the top of the rally from March’s capitulation lows.

With such a storied history, all analysts are eyeing $10,500 as a level Bitcoin must hold above to confirm the ongoing bullish breakout.

The trader who predicted BTC would fall to the $3,000s a few months before it did shared this chart below just hours ago.

Referencing how the asset failing to  break $10,500 could confirm a bearish distribution, he wrote:

“While CT is euphoric with the 10k break, thinking that we are going straight to the ath, I remain cautious until the price consolidates above 10.5k. This level is very important (potential UTAD for distribution).”


BTC analysis by trader il Capo of Crypto (@CryptoCapo_ on Twitter). Chart from

Bitcoin does seem to be decisively taking that level for now. As of this article’s writing, the asset is trading at $10,725, and is surging higher as bulls continue to flood in.

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Bitcoin Price Pierces the Ultimate $10,500 Level: Will Bulls Manage to Hold?

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