Cardano Completes Crucial Vote For Constitutional Committee

The Cardano community has successfully completed the voting process for the inaugural members of its Interim Constitutional Committee (ICC). This committee is tasked with upholding the interim Constitution and overseeing the initial on-chain governance decisions on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano Concludes Crucial Vote

A total of 21 candidates, representing a broad spectrum of the community, applied for a position on the ICC. The election process saw significant engagement, with over 455 million ADA tokens staked and 1,947 unique votes cast. The community members participated in a transparent, ranked-choice voting system to elect their top three representatives.

The elected committees are as follows:

Cardano Atlantic Council received the highest number of votes, securing 51.4% with 232,162,950,759,731 Lovelace (ADA’s smallest unit). The council consists of six members from diverse backgrounds, including Adam Dean and Jennifer Brito from the USA, Beatrice Anihiri from Norway, Mike Hornan from Canada, Thiago Nunes from Brazil, and Richard McCracken from the USA.

Cardano Japan, comprising all Japanese members Seira Yun, Shusuke Wakuda, Rena Oishi, and Hideki Takeshi, garnered 18.7% of the votes, translating to 84,639,727,186,264 Lovelace.

Eastern Cardano Council, a multi-national group featuring Jo Allum from New Zealand, Mark Byers and Phil Lewis from Australia, Oscar Hong from South Korea, Ha Nguyen from Vietnam, and Yuki Oishi from Japan, received 10.3% of the votes, amounting to 46,481,326,751,056 Lovelace.

The positions of alternate members are held by Mauro Agustín Andreoli (Argentina), Scientific Analytical Tools LLC (UAE), and Joshua Stone (USA), which received the fourth to sixth most votes. These individuals and entities will serve as replacements should any of the top three councils be unable to fulfill their roles on the ICC. This provision ensures continuity and resilience in the governance framework of Cardano.

Patrick Tobler, CEO of NMKR, expressed strong confidence in the newly elected committee, remarking, “I feel very confident about these results. The Cardano Community will be very well represented in the Interim Constitutional Committee.” This sentiment reflects the community’s trust in the democratic process and the selected members’ capabilities to guide Cardano through its next phase of governance.

Intersect has announced that the onboarding process for the elected members will begin shortly. In addition to setting up the new committee, Intersect is also calling for applications to form its own Constitutional Council. This council will represent one of the votes on the ICC, extending an opportunity to those who were not elected in this round to still play a significant role in governance.

Looking ahead, the drafting of Cardano’s final Constitution is scheduled to commence in August. This will involve more than 50 workshops globally and is expected to culminate in a Constitutional Convention in Buenos Aires this December. The final Constitution will lay down the foundational governance framework, shaping its trajectory for years in the Voltaire era.

At press time, ADA traded at $0.389.

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