ChainGPT Labs: The Ultimate Game Changer for Web3 Startups

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ChainGPT Labs is making waves in the Web3 world with its comprehensive support for emerging projects. As the venture capital and incubation arm of ChainGPT, ChainGPT Labs is setting new standards for how Web3 startups can thrive and succeed.

Unmatched Support for Web3 Projects

ChainGPT Labs isn’t just about throwing money at promising projects. They offer a holistic approach that includes strategic guidance, marketing support, and hands-on involvement. With typical investments ranging from $100k to $400k, plus additional credit lines, ChainGPT Labs is ready to back up the most promising Crypto AI ideas with solid financial support.

Strategic Guidance and Marketing Magic

Weekly meetings with the ChainGPT Labs team ensure that projects stay on track and receive top-notch strategic advice. From market strategies to tokenomics and exchange listings, the team’s expertise is invaluable. But it doesn’t stop there. ChainGPT Labs also helps with social media strategies, rebranding, website development, and content creation. Their marketing campaigns, influencer connections, and an investment of $50k-$150k in each project’s marketing efforts make sure these startups shine brightly.

Tokenomics and Networking Powerhouse

Developing effective tokenomics is a tricky game, but ChainGPT Labs has the know-how to get it right. Their extensive network helps forge valuable partnerships and collaborations, giving these projects the connections they need to succeed.

Dedicated Involvement Like Never Before

One of the standout features of ChainGPT Labs is their deep involvement in each project. The Web3 VC’s team employs a hands-on approach ensures that startups feel supported and integrated into the ChainGPT Labs ecosystem, making them feel like an extension of the team.

Meet the Dream Team

The powerhouse team at ChainGPT Labs includes Ilan Rakhmanov and Ariel Asafov, who serve as Co-Heads of Incubations. They are joined by Vlad Fila, Head of Administration, Tomer Warschauer Nuni, Head of Investments, Gintare Kairyte, VC Network Manager, and Nick Van Der Kolk, who handles Ads & Marketing Management. This diverse team brings a wealth of experience and dedication to every project they support.

Projects Making Headlines

ChainGPT Labs has already made significant strides with several projects. Among the incubated projects are ChainGPT AI, ChainGPT Pad, AITech, DEXCheck, OMNIA Protocol, KIMA, and Shieldium. They have also accelerated projects like Cookie3 and Engines of Fury. Additionally, they have invested in projects such as Redbelly, Wisdomise, Atlas, Hana Network, and Lumoz. ChainGPT Labs is redefining what it means to support Web3 startups, offering unparalleled resources and a hands-on approach that ensures success. Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from this dynamic powerhouse!

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