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Question: How can a cryptocurrency you may have never heard of, Crypton (CRP), be considered a “king”, let alone wear 2 crowns?

Answer: In early 2010 you may have never heard of Bitcoin, but that didn’t mean its dominance as the king of decentralized digital currency was any less inevitable in the coming years. Its first-mover advantage and resulting network effect secured its future.

In the world of cryptocurrency today, where half a dozen new copycat digital currencies are being released every day, “mindshare”, or the attention a project receives, is at an absolute premium. While mindshare can help drive demand in the short term, it is no substitute for actual value in the long term.

Without real substance, attention will only carry a project so far. Ultimately, it is a genuine, differentiated, and exclusive utility that will drive adoption and long term demand for a cryptocurrency–it is this utility that secures the future of Crypton (CRP).

Utopia P2P Ecosystem

One year before releasing the Bitcoin whitepaper, Satoshi Nakamoto observed in a cryptography mailing list in November of 2008, “Governments are good at cutting off the heads of centrally controlled networks like Napster, but pure [Peer-to-Peer] networks like Gnutella and Tor seem to be holding their own.” Five years later in 2013, Edward Snowden uncovered the global scale of U.S. government surveillance and harvesting of our personal information on the internet.

That same year, the anonymous 1984 Group began the development of the most ambitious Peer-to-Peer project ever attempted, the Utopia P2P Ecosystem. It combined instant messaging, encrypted e-mail, file sharing, group chats and channels, gaming, website hosting, and digital currency, all protected by ultra-secure Curve25519 elliptic curve cryptography and sustained by a peer-to-peer network of nodes without any reliance on central servers.

After six years of secret development and 4 months of public beta testing, on November 18, 2019 the Utopia P2P network went live and Crypton (CRP) was born with 100% of newly mined coins going to miners and holders through PoS monthly disbursements–no ICO, no IEO, no team fund, no advisor fund, no foundation fund, no marketing find, no fund of any kind–a purely fair launch.

Beyond this, the 1984 Group not only self-funded the entire development and public beta testing of Utopia, but continues to fund the enhancement and promotion of the project through the support and promotion portal.
To understand the scope of Utopia P2P, just imagine if Signal Messenger, ProtonMail, Tor Network, Torrents, P2P Gaming, Telegram channels, and Monero (XMR) were all rolled into one integrated ecosystem.

Except, the single, private, and exclusive cryptocurrency that facilitates trade and value exchange in the Utopia P2P Ecosystem is in fact Crypton (CRP). Utopia offers payment APIs for self-hosted, unstoppable, uncensorable websites exclusively in Crypton (CRP). Utopia offers NFTs in the form of aliases or DNS-equivalents as uNS records, available for registration exclusively in Crypton (CRP).

Utopia offers charge requests that may be used for invoicing and crypto cards that can permit monthly debits from authorized accounts with established limits exclusively in Crypton (CRP). Now you have a much better appreciation of the kind of genuine, differentiated, and exclusive utility Crypton (CRP) offers, all courtesy of Utopia.

A Privacy Coin to Rule Them All

Most cryptocurrency projects which consider themselves to be privacy coins, whether we are discussing Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), GRIN or BEAM, suffer from one or multiple areas of weakness. These include the absence of default privacy, the presence of metadata, or the use of obfuscation techniques which can be undermined through sophisticated transaction seeding and tracing methods. Crypton (CRP) was designed from the beginning to eliminate these weaknesses altogether. All transactions are private by default, have no metadata associated with them, and cannot be traced or made less private by any known method, as the blockchain is completely opaque.

Cryptocurrency Mining Redefined

Crypton (CRP) mining uses a unique combination of Proof-of-Memory (PoM) and Proof-of-Routing (PoR) which supports the data caching and encrypted packet routing needs of the Utopia P2P network. The mining of new Cryptons (CRP) is done exclusively using the newly developed UAM bot, built from scratch with speed, performance, and stability in mind for the peer-to-peer data transmission of Utopia.

No Forks, No Copycats, There Can Only Be One

The most successful cryptocurrencies have spawned countless forks and copycat projects over the years that have splintered communities divided developers and undermined accumulated mindshare, thereby constricting overall project potential. Utopia P2P and Crypton (CRP) were designed to avoid such a fate and cannot be forked or copied in anyway.

The self-funded, cutting edge development and refinements over the past 7 years that have built the revolutionary Peer-to-Peer technology supporting Utopia and Crypton (CRP) cannot be exploited by another team with selfish motives. There can only ever be one Utopia P2P Ecosystem and its exclusive, fully integrated, cryptocurrency is Crypton (CRP).

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