Digitex Launches Much-Anticipated Zero-Fee Bitcoin Futures Platform to The Public

Digitex Ltd has announced the launch of its hotly anticipated commission-free Bitcoin futures trading platform, Digitex Futures.

In addition to the awaited debut, Digitex is hosting a launch celebration with an all-day trading event, and prizes totaling $250,000 in DGTX tokens and branded merchandise. Along with this, there will be online Q&A sessions between the world’s best crypto traders and the company CEO, and much more. 

Digitex Futures Launches to the Public as Zero-Fee Trading Volumes Spike 

When the crypto industry first learned of Digitex CEO Adam Todd’s vision for a zero-fee Bitcoin futures trading platform driven by the DGTX token, the market responded with quite a buzz.

Promising visions, however, take some time to come to fruition. The hype developed over time and led to the Digitex Futures exchange becoming one of the most anticipated launches in recent crypto history. 

Following a successful beta rollout in late 2019, Digitex Futures has been finalizing the development of the groundbreaking platform and moving users gradually over to the mainnet in preparation for a full public launch in 2020.

That time is now here, as Digitex Ltd has announced the launch of the world’s first commission-free bitcoin futures trading platform. Ahead of the launch, 24-hour trading volume is already reaching $2.4 billion and is rapidly growing by the day. These figures will only increase as the flood gates open.

The fast and “frictionless” sign up process skips the KYC process found elsewhere, keeping user data safe and private. The stylish interface includes charts from TradingView and a fully customizable layout with four distinct color themes.

Digitex Futures works the same on mobile as it does on the desktop experience, providing traders with deep liquidity on the fly.

The public launch comes with only one market, BTCUSD perpetual swaps, which CEO Adam Todd says was to give the platform the “best chance of getting the volume cranking.” Todd adds, however, that the company is “getting ready to add traditional markets as well,” such as oil, gold, and the S&P 500.

Celebrate the Digitex Futures Launch with Adam Todd, Win DGTX, and Much More

To celebrate the long-awaited launch, Digitex Futures is conducting a massive trading event. CEO Adam Todd will join the festivities with live online trading and Q&A sessions with top crypto industry influencers and a few more surprises besides. 

Prizes ranging from branded Digitex merchandise to as much as $5,000 worth of DGTX per individual, and $250,000 in DGTX in total, will be awarded every half an hour.

To access the Launch Day Trading Event, users must register for the Digitex mainnet on July 31 and deposit 1000 DGTX tokens. The 1000 DGTX balance must be maintained to be eligible for prizes and can be purchased from Digitex itself or through one of its many partners, such as KuCoin.

Adam Todd says that although he is finally sharing his “dream of commission-free trading with the world,” that the company’s journey is only “just starting now.’ He adds, “you ain’t seen anything yet,” in terms of what the company has planned for the future.

Digitex was recently in the news when the company announced it was collaborating with Chainlink for the integration of decentralized Price Reference Contracts on its exchange. 

Earlier this year, Chainlink was recognized as a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum. The company’s oracle solution will help Digitex Futures to maintain the accuracy and integrity of price information its exchange.

It is just one of the many ways Digitex Futures is committed to utilizing top cryptocurrency technology to provide innovative solutions not found anywhere else in the market.

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