Finance Redefined: DeFi gets shiny new money Lego parts, Jan. 27–Feb. 3

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The end of January saw a string of interesting announcements from projects building innovative products that may well push DeFi forward. And more price gains of course.

To briefly touch on the market side of things, this does feel like a much quieter rally than three years ago. Most things are going up, with some DeFi projects being particularly lucky, but it’s nowhere close to the insane gains we saw early in 2018. Although Dogecoin did set a new all-time high, so there’s that. Still, the crypto market has definitely matured — at least we’re not seeing anything particularly scammy topping the charts. Stock markets decided to take some of that craziness away, judging by the GameStop debacle. For that reason, I would keep a close eye on global markets to see which way the wind is blowing.

Let’s move on to the more interesting part: Tech advances in DeFi.