Goldman Sachs claims no record of XRP investor Will Meade working there – Decrypt

Twitter personality Will Meade hit crypto media headlines earlier this month after announcing that he was buying XRP, the fourth most popular cryptocurrency by market cap. 

The endorsement by Meade, who bills himself as a former Goldman Sachs employee and the founder of a $1.4 billion hedge fund, was sent to his 86,000 Twitter followers.

“I made my first crypto purchase ever this week $XRP Ripple.” Meade tweeted July 8, “I know very little about crypto but I believe a rising tide lifts all boats, so if Bitcoin goes back to its all time highs then XRP should as well and that would be a 15 bagger 1500%.”

However, while Meade claims that he was a former project manager at Goldman Sachs, the company had no record of him ever working there, according to a source at Goldman Sachs who asked not to be named, but who had knowledge of the situation.

Meade and Forbes

Meade also claims that he was an editor at Forbes, which he has partnered with on a newsletter. He has also had an extract of his book “The Little Black Book Of Billionaire Secrets”—which claims to offer stock picks that turn people into millionaires overnight—published on the site. But it was published under Forbes’s subscription marketing, a paid program. 

A Forbes spokesperson told Decrypt, “We can confirm that William Meade was not a staff member, but we are looking into his previous association with us.”

Decrypt has reached out to Meade for comment and will update this article if we hear back.

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