Just 14 Out of 224 Crypto Exchanges Use Bitcoin Lightning Network

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is a beacon of innovation in the crypto market. Yet, despite its growing popularity and the dramatic surge in users – now over 328 million – only a small fraction of crypto exchanges have adopted this technology.

While Lightning Network’s adoption journey faces challenges, it has the potential for broader acceptance in the crypto industry.

Bitcoin Lightning Network’s Limited Adoption by Crypto Exchanges

A report from leading Bitcoin infrastructure company Kaminari reveals that Lightning Network’s user base will grow significantly in 2024. Major exchanges like Binance and OKX have embraced this technology, contributing to its widespread accessibility.

However, market data reveals that out of 224 active centralized crypto exchanges, only 14 have integrated the Lightning Network.

“Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most widely used applications in the crypto ecosystem. Binance alone has 150 million users as of August 2023. OKX has 50 million, also worth mentioning is Bitstamp, with 5 million users. [Still,] only 6% of crypto exchanges currently use the Lightning Network to conduct transactions with Bitcoin,” analysts at Kaminari affirmed.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Adoption
Bitcoin Lightning Network Adoption. Source: Kaminari

This slow adoption rate raises questions about the network’s scalability and user-friendliness, particularly for retail users. Despite its benefits in facilitating instant and cost-efficient Bitcoin transactions, the Lightning Network’s technical complexities and high fee environment during peak times have made its use predominantly custodial.

This trend is evident in the limited but growing number of crypto wallets incorporating Lightning Network technology.

“Among over 350 analyzed wallets, only 30 (15 custodial and 14 non-custodial) have integrated Lightning. Notably, among the Top-10 most popular wallets by user count, only Exodus, and BitPay have embraced Lightning. These findings indicate substantial room for user base expansion through wider wallet integration,” analysts at Kaminari added.

The Potential Is Huge for Micro BTC Transactions With Low Fees

The Bitcoin blockchain itself continues to demonstrate robust growth, with a record number of transactions recorded in 2023. This strength, mirrored in the Lightning Network’s expanding node count and capacity, underscores the potential for further adoption and integration across the crypto market.

In the gaming and gambling sector, the Lightning Network is emerging as a preferred choice. Its quick transaction speeds and lower costs align with the small deposit trends of online casino users.

Top Cryptos Used in Gaming Bets
Top Cryptos Used in Gaming Bets. Source: Kaminari

Furthermore, the introduction of stablecoins to the Bitcoin blockchain is set to revolutionize the stablecoin market. The potential migration of billions of dollars in USDT transactions from Tron and Ethereum to the Lightning Network could significantly shift the stablecoin sector.

“If even 5-10% of Tether transactions move to the Lightning Network, annual turnover could reach $257 – $514 billion, according to our forecasts. As users of stablecoins increasingly recognize the advantages of Lightning, these figures are expected to grow substantially. The introduction of Tether (USDT) to the Lightning Network will be a pivotal moment, reshaping the landscape of the stablecoin market,” analysts at Kaminari highlighted.

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The Lightning Network’s growth trajectory is poised for rapid expansion in the coming years, offering immense opportunities for those capable of leveraging its innovative capabilities. As more crypto exchanges and wallets integrate this technology, its potential user base is expected to reach new heights, making it an increasingly vital component of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

However, the current state of adoption indicates that there is still much room for growth and improvement. Particularly in making the network more accessible and user-friendly for a diverse range of participants.

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