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One fact that is undeniable in the crypto space is that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has grown massively over the past year. The sector has grown from being viewed as one with potential to being the new kid on the block that wows everybody.

While this development was taking place, some crypto enthusiasts still felt there was a way to further improve DeFi on its way to maturity. And the great news is, as more DeFi solutions are being launched, unprecedented opportunities pop up and the profitability keeps sky-rocketing for the users.

One of the very promising solutions that is poised to reshape the DeFi sector is being launched in several days. It combines the best practices of both the traditional financial industry and the decentralized finance to address some of the key challenges DeFi users face today.

The platform is called Nimbus.

Nimbus is a proven Fintech company led by Fernando Martinho, who has over 18 years in the IT sector, including in the top-management of some of the biggest international corporations. The company has a verifiable record of delivering blockchain-based financial solutions to 50,000 users in the past one year and is now transitioning to DeFi.

Given the company’s track record over this period, together with the reputation of its seasoned team, the Nimbus community is very optimistic about how the platform can change the face of DeFi.

You might wonder what Nimbus plans to do differently or what would stand it out in the already saturated DeFi space. The truth, however, is that unlike many DeFi projects out there, Nimbus bridges the digital assets to traditional investment products and gathers multiple investment opportunities under one roof for hustle-free user experience.

All in all, Nimbus Platform offers 10 earning strategies that are mostly based on traditional investment products such as IPOs, which have proved profitable over the decades. Nimbus opens them for the common people for the first time, while enabling users to participate with any crypto sum and keep full control over their funds.

The Nimbus community is confident that such an approach is set to revolutionize DeFi and increase its appeal for a wider range of users, who might have been hesitant to use the far-fetched DeFi solutions available to date.

How Nimbus dApps Promises to Change DeFi Ecosystem

December 21, Nimbus launches an entire decentralized ecosystem of investment opportunities accessible to any type of user, while ensuring those opportunities are secure, compliant, and profitable.

At the same time, Nimbus inherits the best practices of DeFi to ensure true platform decentralization and transparency, as well as the highest level of digital asset risk management.

This is partially achieved by introducing Nimbus DAO – a set of automatic algorithms that handle users’ funds instead of some centralized entity doing that in a manual, potentially biased manner.

Apart from that, it is enhanced by the fact that all funds are kept in pools that are then diversified across a wide portfolio, voted on by the users themselves. This enables profitability optimization and risk mitigation for the users who have even the tiniest investment sums.

This is precisely the approach that many DeFi startups are lacking now. They try to disrupt finance and often create solutions that are too far-fetched – or that are insufficient for users who want to diversify their portfolio.

But each Nimbus dApp is based on clear revenue generation mechanisms that users can rely on, given their successful track-record in the financial sector.

But what is really outstanding compared to other Defi solutions of today, is that all Nimbus dApps are available within one ecosystem and with just one native token providing access to all of them: NUS.

This means that all Nimbus users would have access to at least 10 pools with varying profitability in one spot, Nimbus Ecosystem, and using just one access key, NUS.

This removes the erstwhile burden that users face when they want to invest in multiple dApps in the DeFi space. They previously had to visit each platform and use their different native tokens to be able to enjoy such services – and pay extra fees while switching between those platforms. But with the introduction of Nimbus, that is a thing of the past.

Users can have all they need in one spot, with one token, and with a high level of confidence boosted by the Company’s track-record and the effectiveness of the underlying investment products.

Moreover, Nimbus aims to be licensed by the FINRA, SEC and NFA. All of these licenses will allow Nimbus to provide investment opportunities that no current DeFi project can brag of. In essence, Nimbus appears prepared to walk its talk of revolutionizing DeFi.

Currently, Nimbus has plans to release four dApps. They are:

● Nimbus IPO hub dApp
● Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp
● The Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp
● P2P Lending dApp

Each dApp here provides a unique service for users. The IPO hub DApp for instance will allow users with any crypto sums to participate in IPOs via liquidity pools. Crowdfunding dApp will allow anyone with crypto to participate in startup financing in a fully compliant, regulated way, thanks to the EU crowdfunding license that is underway for Nimbus.

The centralized version of Nimbus Arbitrage-Trading dApp already had 50,000 unique users, but now with the company’s transition to DeFi, it shall become even more efficient, further boosting the adoption. And the final dApp for P2P Lending gives more flexibility and better risk management opportunities for its users than many other Lending dApps out there.

In order to ensure that users have control over the Nimbus Platform, there is the Nimbus DAO and GNUS governance token that will allow anyone to participate in directing Nimbus Platform while also receiving revenue shares.

Essentially, Nimbus has taken up a Herculean task that appears insurmountable but its team of international repute is also up to the task. Their experience in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, DeFi, AI/ML, Finance, and Cyber Security, would play a major role in the development of the platform.

Plus with Zokyo, one of the top smart contract audit firms that have audited the platform, and the expected EU crowdfunding license on the way, the future could be very promising for the Nimbus DeFi Ecosystem.

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