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Nemesis Downfall, the newest addition to the PancakeSwap Gaming Marketplace, is launching in open beta on February 28. The game is a play-to-earn first-person shooter that will feature two main game modes: free-to play and paid tournaments. The game has also launched its own token, ND, on BNB Chain.

In Nemesis Downfall, players will be able to deposit ND or PancakeSwap’s CAKE token to buy characters, weapon skins, and other in-game items. They can also earn ND by winning paid tournaments.

At launch, players will be able to compete in these tournaments to make their way up a leaderboard and compete against players of similar skill levels. The tournaments themselves will consist of different game modes, including deathmatch and “one in the chamber.”



Nemesis Downfall is the third game to go live on the PancakeSwap Gaming Marketplace following its November launch, when Pancake Protectors and Pancake Mayor both went live. Pancake Protectors, a tower defense game, hit a daily peak of 25,000 players and offered token rewards to gamers.

PancakeSwap is best known as a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) that began life on BNB Chain, but has expanded to support blockchains such as Ethereum and its scaling networks Polygon, Arbitrum, and Base.

The gaming marketplace is designed to help developers launch games built around CAKE and the PancakeSwap ecosystem. PancakeSwap claims to have 1.5 million users, which it aims to expose to such play-to-earn games as they use the exchange.

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