Psiphon Connects BeInCrypto Journalists Stranded in Belarus – BeInCrypto

BeInCrypto (BIC) reported earlier on Tuesday about the ongoing protests in Belarus. As ‘Europe’s Last Dictator’ literally censors the internet in the embattled country, several colleagues are stranded, unable to travel or work.

Belarusian President and dictator Alexandr Lukashenko tried to make the shutdown look like an accident using the Government-owned Beltelecom as a front. Multiple high-profile news sites have since been blocked, aimed at preventing media coverage around the demonstrations.

Fortunately, web proxy Psiphon is helping BIC employees to stay connected to the freedoms enabled by the free flow of information – the internet.

Psiphon – Censorship Free Internet

Psiphon is a free open-source virtual private network (VPN) that allows internet traffic to be rerouted via a network of constantly changing servers.

One BIC employee explained that mobile networks will soon also receive the same treatment,

Mobile networks will be shutdown from 18.00 onwards

BeInCrypto remains committed to an open, decentralized internet that encourages the free flow of information, and naturally, the opportunity for our worldwide team to work wherever they are, without blatant violations of human rights.

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