Registration Now Open for WCTC S6 Competition, Offers Up To $5 Million in Prizes, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, is excited to announce the launch of its World Crypto Trading Competition Season 6 (WCTC S6).

Users can now register for their spots in the competition. This highly anticipated event arrives just in time for summer 2024, bringing together the world’s best traders in a fun and competitive atmosphere. With a prize pool of up to $5 million, WCTC S6 is set to attract traders of all experience levels.

WCTC S6 features two main competitions: the team competition and the 1v1 Battle Blitz. The team competition will share 70% of the total prize pool, while the 1v1 Championship, designed for individual traders, allows everyone to win prizes. There are also five levels of lucky bags to collect. Apart from the main competitions, participants can join campaigns such as the Gift Bonanza and Live Lucky Draws, where a variety of prizes, including Apple products, will be given away for free! The Championship Trophy is up for grabs for those competing in the team competition or the 1v1 Battle Blitz.

The prize pool for the competition will expand based on the number of participants; the more users who join, the larger the prize pool will be. The final size of the prize pool will be determined by the number of valid traders participating. So, by joining players can contribute to increasing the prize pool for everyone. Also, all players will benefit by inviting friends to join, which will ultimately increase the number of participants as well as the prize pool! 

Event Schedule

  1. Early Bird Registration: 2024-07-09 00:00 to 2024-07-11 23:59 (UTC)
  2. Official Registration: 2024-07-12 00:00 to 2024-08-12 23:59 (UTC)
  3. Official Competition: 2024-07-19 00:00 to 2024-08-15 23:59 (UTC)

With all of the additional prizes available, participants won’t need to be one of the winners or rank high in competition to earn a reward, making this competition appealing to all trading skill levels. 

The Early Bird Registration stage is now open, while the official registration for the competition will remain open until August 12, 2024.  For more information, please visit the WCTC S6 webpage.

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