Republican National Committee advances crypto, AI policies in draft platform

A Republican National Committee (RNC) panel passed a draft platform outlining crypto and artificial intelligence (AI) policies on July 8.

According to Politico, the panel passed the draft platform with 84 votes in favor and 14 against.

The convention must finalize the platform in a future vote.

The Republican party intends to “end Democrats’ unlawful and un-American Crypto crackdown” and prevent the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), per the platform. Furthermore, the party aims to protect Bitcoin mining rights, the right to self-custody crypto, and the right to perform transactions without government control and surveillance.

The party also intends to repeal President Joe Biden’s executive order on artificial intelligence (AI), which it called “dangerous” and said will restrict AI innovation.

The platform states that it aims to support AI development “rooted in Free Speech and Human Flourishing” in contrast to Biden’s AI order, which “imposes Radical Leftwing ideas.”

Platform reflects Trump’s stance

The Republican draft platform broadly matches the position of its presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, who has previously addressed crypto and AI issues.

Trump has expressed opposition to CBDCs since at least January. On June 12, he said that he intends for the US to dominate Bitcoin mining and called mining a protection against CBDCs.

At the recent San Francisco and Wisconsin events, Trump pledged to counter the Democratic party’s anti-crypto policies more broadly. He also previously expressed plans to oppose Biden’s executive order and said he intends to “ban the use of AI to censor the speech of American citizens.

Biden’s executive order on artificial intelligence aims to pursue standards for AI development that protect rights and privacy while responsibly advancing AI.

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