Shiba Inu Investors Turn Optimistic as 42% SHIB Supply Faces Losses 

Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) price is bouncing back from four-month lows, looking to recover the losses witnessed in the past month.

Investors also have a shot at making the most of this opportunity, as selling will likely take a break for now.

Shiba Inu Investors Lose Big

While Shiba Inu’s price only declined by 15% over the last week, the impact on investors was three times larger. The total supply in profit dropped by close to 42%, falling from 75% to 33% in a day.

This is because about 434 trillion SHIB, worth $6.7 billion, was bought between $0.00001900 and $0.00001500. As the meme coin slipped to $0.00001281 during intra-day lows yesterday, this supply lost its profitability completely. This will keep investors from selling now, as such a large supply would only be sold when it bears profit again.

Shiba Inu Supply In Profit.
Shiba Inu Supply In Profit. Source: Santiment

Furthermore, most investors anticipating recovery and profits will likely turn to accumulation. The Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio suggests a good opportunity to do so.

The MVRV ratio assesses investor profit and loss. Currently, Shiba Inu’s 30-day MVRV stands at -14.5%, indicating losses, which may lead to buying pressure.

Historically, SHIB’s MVRV between -7% and -18% usually signals the start of recoveries and rallies, marking an opportunity zone for accumulation. This could help steer Shiba Inu’s price upwards.

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Shiba Inu MVRV Ratio.
Shiba Inu MVRV Ratio. Source: Santiment

SHIB Price Prediction: The Critical Range

The range between $0.00001473 and $0.00002093 is critical to Shiba Inu’s price as it houses 73% of all SHIB circulating supply. For this reason, the meme coin could find considerable resistance here.

Nevertheless, investors’ attempts to recover their profits would motivate them to push SHIB upwards. Once $0.00002093 is breached, the altcoin would have a shot at profits.

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Shiba Inu Price Analysis.
Shiba Inu Price Analysis. Source: TradingView

However, if this breach fails, Shiba Inu’s price might consolidate within this range. This would continue until stronger bullish cues help the coin escape; otherwise, the bullish thesis would be invalidated.

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