Starknet, Osmosis, Moonbeam Rank First Among the Fastest Growing Blockchain Networks

Starknet, Osmosis, and Moonbeam have emerged as leaders in crypto ecosystem growth, according to the 2023 Crypto Developer Report from Electric Capital.

The report analyzed a staggering 485 million code commits across 818,000 open-source repositories. It sheds light on significant trends in crypto and blockchain development.

Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Developer Herd Thins

Despite an overall 24% decrease in cryptocurrency developers, a core group of experienced developers with over two years in the field shows remarkable growth.

Interestingly, the report uncovers a shift towards multi-chain development, with a significant increase in developers supporting multiple blockchain platforms. This highlights the growing complexity and interconnectedness within the crypto ecosystem.

The global scope of crypto development is also expanding, with a notable decline in the US’s share of developers, while regions like South Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Africa, and Southern Europe have seen a surge in developer activities.

Among these, the report revealed that Starknet, Osmosis, Moonbeam, and Optimism ranked as the fastest-growing crypto ecosystems by overall monthly devs. Also of note was Solana, boasting a 10x growth rate in developers. This was also noted in Solana’s own recent developer report.

Fastest growing crypto ecosystems by overall monthly developers. Source: Electric Capital

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Solana Makes Strides

Solana’s 2023 developer report reveals a thriving network with 2,500-3,000 monthly active developers, demonstrating a robust 50% retention rate, a testament to its growing influence, especially in its competition with Ethereum.

Solana crypto ecosystem 3-month developer retention. Source: Solana

Factors such as enhanced developer onboarding processes and expanding opportunities within the network are attributed to this success. The rise in Solana’s value and the increase in its decentralized finance ecosystem, particularly within protocols like Marinade Finance, further highlight its growing prominence.

The contrast between the general decline in developers and the robust growth in certain networks like Solana, Starknet, Osmosis, and Moonbeam offers a nuanced view of an industry in flux, moving towards a more mature and sophisticated phase.

This shift is pivotal for the long-term sustainability and impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology across various sectors.

Understanding these development trends is becoming more essential for grasping the future trajectory of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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