Ethereum Classic Ponders ‘Code Is Law’ Philosophy After Multiple 51% Attacks – BeInCrypto

After suffering two 51% attacks in a week, the ETC community is reeling. Vitalik Buterin suggested that ETC change its consensus algorithm to Proof of Stake. But is the conservative “Code Is Law” protocol ready for a change?

On July 31, Ethereum Classic was hit by the first of two 51% attacks.

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Ethereum Classic Rocked by Second 51% Attack This Week – BeInCrypto

Ethereum Classic has experienced yet another malicious 51% attack—the second in under a week. Binance has frozen all Ethereum Classic deposits and withdrawals.

Reports have shown that a 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic blockchain reorganized 4,000 blocks on the chain.

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Devs. are Investigating a Possible 51% Attack – Ethereum World News

In brief:

Earlier today, Etheruem Classic experienced a chain split that hinted of a possible 51% attack. 
Crypto exchanges were advised to pause deposits and withdrawals. 
Investigations are still ongoing with an initial diagnosis hinting that the chain split was not malicious in nature.

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