Top 10 Crypto Influencers to Follow During 2021 Bull Run – BeInCrypto

The cryptocurrency industry has finally taken off following a three-year bear market. 2021 has ushered in new all-time highs across the board in the crypto space. The most notable being bitcoin (BTC), which saw a new all-time high around $42,000 earlier in January.

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Wen DIGG? BadgerDAO’s Bitcoin rebasing token appears on chain | CryptoSlate

Badger DAO has been one of the most-talked-about DeFi protocols over the past few months.
The yield-farming protocol kicked off with a bang at the start of December when it distributed free BADGER tokens to thousands of DeFi users. Many sold it, though others held the airdrop.

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Curve (CRV) erupts 50% higher in a day amid renewed DeFi interest | CryptoSlate

The majority of decentralized finance (DeFi) coins have seen extremely strong rallies since the start of 2021.
Analysis by crypto-asset analyst Ceteris Paribus found that since the start of the year, like literally two weeks ago, the average DeFi large-cap has seen 75 percent gains.

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What You Want to Know About ETH 2.0 Rollout – BeInCrypto

The Beacon chain, which has been rolled out as part of phase 0, is essentially the basic necessities of the protocol. From a price and market perspective, as ethereum (ETH) becomes increasingly staked, ETH2 could introduce ETH scarcity on centralized exchanges, driving prices up.

Ethereum 2.

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Crypto Fear/Greed Index Drops Below 80, the First Time Since Nov. 2020 – Ethereum World News

Quick take:

The Crypto Fear and Greed index has dropped below 80 for the first time since November 5th, 2020
It had more or less plateaued above this value for close to 2.

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Firo Activates Latest Privacy Upgrade “Lelantus” | Crypto Briefing

Key Takeaways

Firo has introduced new privacy features in its latest upgrade.
With Lelantus, the Firo team has removed old limitations and strengthened the coin’s privacy. 
Firo has also introduced new efficiency features in addition to enhanced privacy features.

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These cryptocurrencies are up over 10% today despite Ethereum’s sharp 8% drop | CryptoSlate

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have faced sharp declines over the past few hours despite the move to $40,000 on Thursday.
BTC is down 10 percent in the past 24 hours while ETH has lost around eight percent over that same time frame.
This drop comes amid two events:

Developments indicate that Mt.

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