Binance Removes from Circulation BNB Worth $68M in Latest Coin Burn – Ethereum World News

Quick take:

CZ and the team at Binance, have carried out the 13th quarterly BNB coin burn
2,253,888 BNB worth $68 Million has forever been removed from circulation
According to the project’s whitepaper, the token burns will continue until only 100 million out of the initial 200 million BNB are left

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To list or not to list, Part 2: Binance listing SUSHI was no big deal

Binance’s Changpeng Zhao has received more than his fair share of criticism since Binance’s 2017 launch. As a high-profile crypto figure and the CEO of one of the sector’s largest companies, that is to be expected.

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To list or not to list, Part 1: Binance should not have listed SUSHI

Chef Nomi has cooked up what appears to be the biggest exit scam of 2020, but should others be held accountable as well? Binance, like many other major exchanges, listed SUSHI raw and unaudited on Sept. 1. The token price doubled upon listing. The token contract was deployed on Aug.

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1 Million USDT Nearly Lost to Simple User Error – BeInCrypto

While DeFi continues to develop at lightning speed, there is a steady stream of reminders of just how dangerous it can be—particularly for less experienced hands.

According to a tweet posted on Sept 8, a user mistakenly sent one million dollars worth of Tether (USDT) to the wrong address.

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Binance ‘Brings the DeFi Experience’ with New Yield Farming Platform – BeInCrypto

In a blog post on Sept 6, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced one of its newest projects, the Launchpool platform.

According to the post, the new platform will enable users to farm new assets securely and is part of an effort to “Bring the DeFi experience to Binance.

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Multiple Cryptocurrency Firms Prominently Featured in Annual ‘Fintech 250’ List – BeInCrypto

The third annual ‘Fintech 250’ list is out, and a growing number of cryptocurrency businesses and projects were highlighted.

For the third year, the New York-based business analytics firm CB Insights published its annual list spotlighting the hottest firms in fintech.

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Management Shakeup at CoinMarketCap Sees CEO Exit – BeInCrypto

Times they are a-changin’ at CoinMarketCap, which has been around for seven years. The crypto market data company has experienced a management shakeup in which its CEO, Carylyne Chan, in addition to a handful of other employees, is leaving the company.

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