Curve Finance’s new release positions project for AMM takeover

A new release from a foundational DeFi protocol seeks to combine two popular asset swap models into a hybrid that may reshape the nature of the automated market maker (AMM) space — a DeFi primitive currently accounting for well over $40 billion in total value locked, per DeFiLlama.

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Following Balancer V2 protocol announcement, yield farming still in development

Automated market maker (AMM) Balancer announced today a widely-anticipated V2 of their decentralized exchange protocol, featuring a host of upgrades centered on “security, flexibility, capital efficiency and gas efficiency”  — but yield farmers are left wondering about the all-important liquid

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Arbitrage traders make 10x returns on new DeFi platform for wrapped assets

A recently launched decentralized finance platform, Saddle Finance, has netted one particular trader a more than 10x return on an arbitrage trade between different permutations of synthetic Bitcoin (BTC).
According to transaction data from Etherscan, a user swapped 0.

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Crypto exchange ShapeShift integrates DEXes, relieves user KYC burdens

Noncustodial cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift announced today the integration of nearly a dozen decentralized exchange, or DEX, protocols — a move designed to relieve both the company as well as users of Know Your Customer burdens while simultaneously offering traders superior liquidity, pricing,

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Breaking: Akropolis Reportedly Hacked for $2M in DAI Stablecoins

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Akropolis has reportedly been hacked, with the attacker making off with $2 million in DAI tokens.

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Details of the Akropolis Hack
Tweeting on Nov.

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DeFi Assets Tumble in Rough Seven-Day Stretch: Messari – BeInCrypto

With the bitcoin price currently hovering near $10,000, it seems the entire crypto community has been in the doldrums of late. Even Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the controversial and once red-hot segment of the market, has fallen from its high horse.

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