Oracle Coins Find Support as Bitcoin Stabilizes: LINK, DIA, BAND – BeInCrypto

Chainlink (LINK) is following an ascending support line and has bounced at a horizontal support area.
DIA (DIA) has returned to an ascending support line that has been in place since January 2021.
Band Protocol (BAND) has fallen below the $15.

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DIA and Serum (SRM) Bounce, Should Continue Moving Higher

The Dia (DIA) price fell considerably on Feb. 14, validating the resistance area it had previously broken out from. Similarly, Serum (SRM) did the same with its all-time high resistance area.

However, both of the coins have bounced and should continue increasing in the near future.

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DIA Price Increases Alongside the DeFi Index – BeInCrypto

The DIA (DIA) price has been struggling to move above the $1.85 resistance area since it first broke down at the beginning of September.

The price action and technical indicators suggest that DIA will reach this area once again and could potentially break out after.

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DOT & DIA Have Reached Their Respective Resistances – Will They Break Out?

The Polkadot (DOT) price has reached an important resistance area that has been in place since the beginning of Sept. While the price could eventually break out, a short-term decline is likely.
The DIA (DIA) price is in the process of breaking out from a descending resistance line.

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When Will DeFi Coins Stop the Bleeding? – BeInCrypto

DIA has broken down from a crucial support area and reached a new all-time low price. Neither DIA or the DeFi Index have given signs that a reversal of the ongoing bearish trend is near.

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DIA Reaches All-Time Low
On Oct 7, the DIA price reached a low of $0.

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