Ethereum (ETH) Percent Addresses in Profit Hit a 5-month Low of 90.73% – Ethereum World News

Ethereum percent addresses still in profit has hit a 5-month low of 90.73%
The number of Ethereum addresses in loss has also hit a 5-month high of 5.542 million
Ethereum miner revenue has also reached a 3-month low of $1.

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Ethereum Might Be In for a Rough Few Months – ETH Analyst – Ethereum World News

After an impressive 6 months in the crypto markets, Ethereum could be gearing up for a cooldown
Timothy Peterson cautions that Ethereum may be in for a rough few months
This is based on historical performances of Ethereum during the summer months
Ethereum’s $2k support is the level to watch moving

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Ethereum Whales are Still Hodling ETH Accumulated Since Oct. 2020 – Ethereum World News

Ethereum whales holding 1k to 10k ETH are still holding their coins
The Ethereum whales started accumulating ETH in October 2020
Ethereum’s daily address activity is on the decline which is bearish
Trader sentiment towards Ethereum continues to be negative and could lead to a capitulation event


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Ethereum Trader Sentiment Flips to Doubt as $3k Proves Elusive for ETH – Ethereum World News

Ethereum traders are showing signs of impatience and doubt as Ethereum keeps ranging in the $2k price area
$3k is proving elusive for Ethereum with $2,800 providing stiff resistance
All eyes are on Ethereum’s London Upgrade in July which introduces EIP1559

Trader sentiment surrounding Ethereum has

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Ethereum Addresses Holding 0.01+ ETH Hits New All-time High of 15.71M – Ethereum World News

The number of Ethereum addresses holding 0.01+ ETH has hit a new all-time high of 15.71 million
This is indicative of growth in the Ethereum ecosystem through use of ETH or holding as an investment
Ethereum investors keep locking their funds in the ETH2.0 contract that now has 5.

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Ethereum Whale Transactions Above $100k Peak to January 2018 Levels – Ethereum World News

Ethereum whale transactions above $100k have reached levels last seen in January 2018
Ethereum has lost above 50% of its gains since setting an all-time high mid this month
The increment of whale transactions coupled with the rapid sell-off is indicative of a potential top for Ethereum
Ethereum’s c

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