Crypto Cards as Another Step Toward Mass Crypto Adoption – BeInCrypto

Soon enough, paying with cryptocurrencies will likely become a common gesture as more and more companies are jumping into offering crypto credit and debit cards. Competition in this niche is rising, and not only among cryptocurrency companies.

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Crypto Twitter Not Impressed with IMF Digital Currency Education Video – BeInCrypto

Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) posted a video explaining the basics of cryptocurrencies, and the responses on social media were less than positive.

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As Curve Finance Pushes First Governance Vote, Founder Takes Controlling Majority – BeInCrypto

The Curve Finance DeFi protocol has just carried out its first governance vote, though it appears to have raised a few questions as the founder himself took control of most of the voting power. Additionally, a number of investors are starting to show concern about falling CRV token prices.

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Coinbase-Backed Exchange Dodges Venezuelan Government to Distribute Seized Funds – BeInCrypto

AirTM, a digital currency exchange backed by Coinbase is distributing funds seized in connection to corruption from the Maduro administration in Venezuela.

The corruption funds, totaling $18 million, are being given to more than 62,000 healthcare workers.

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Tether Turns to OMG Network as Ethereum Fees Hit Record Highs

The DeFi boom of 2020 has taken its toll on the Ethereum network, making the cost of most minor transactions for regular users completely unfeasible. The world’s leading stablecoin, Tether, has turned to the OMG Network in an attempt to alleviate some of this pressure.

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China Drives East Asia into Global Crypto Market Pole Position – BeInCrypto

More than $50 billion in cryptocurrency assets have moved from China-based addresses in the past year alone.

The huge numbers coming from the region are directly related to East Asia’s cryptocurrency mining dominance.

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U.S. Authorities Charge AirBit Club for Running Crypto Investment Scam

U.S. authorities have charged the organizers of the cryptocurrency-based investment scheme AirBit Club with fraud and money laundering.

According to an announcement by the U.S.

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Citibank Mistakenly Sends $175 Million to Hedge Fund, Cryptocurrency Users Empathize – BeInCrypto

Citibank has mistakenly wired upwards of $175 million to a hedge fund that is declining to return the money.

The bank intended to pay Brigade Capital Management around $1.5 million in interest payments on a loan that it made to the troubled cosmetics company Revlon.

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VeChain Forms New Partnership with Grant Thornton to Push Adoption – BeInCrypto

The VeChain Foundation has partnered with Grant Thornton Cyprus, an accounting firm, opening the door to “thousands” of adoption opportunities.

VeChain uses its blockchain mainly to provide RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

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