This photographer is celebrating Stephen Hawking by minting an NFT of his most famous photo

Art is ever-changing. Styles, color palettes, and different types of media can fall in and out of favor. But as adaptable and ever-changing as it may be, one thing remains constant — art is about challenging, changing, and shifting the perspective of the viewer.

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Flow integrates Filecoin storage services to make NFTs more decentralized

Filecoin has officially become the storage collaborator for the Flow Blockchain.
Filecoin said in an Oct. 13 announcement that the move was a part of a push to ensure holders’ and issuers’ NFTs are “securely available everywhere.

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Paris Hilton and Pranksy collections featured by Sotheby’s new NFT platform

Prestigious auction house Sotheby’s has launched a new Metaverse themed NFT platform.
The platform is dubbed “Sotheby’s Metaverse” and was announced alongside the “Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors” (ND1.2) auction that will run between Oct. 18 and Oct. 26.

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Fox Entertainment Gives Away 20,000 ‘Masked Singer’ NFTs – Decrypt

In brief

Fox Entertainment invested $100 million into its NFT division
The first drop of 10,000 collectibles ran out in 10 hours.

In what could be its biggest reveal this session, Fox Entertainment just launched a line of NFTs based on the hit singing competition, The Masked Singer.

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