Nexus Mutual Hacker Taunts Founder With 4,500 ETH Ransom

The Nexus Mutual saga continues as the hacker who forced their way into the founder’s wallet has now included a ransom threat.

EtherText, a Twitter channel that relays text messages embedded within Ethereum transactions, displayed the message.

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BREAKING: Hacker Steals $8M From Nexus Mutual Founder – BeInCrypto

Hugh Karp, the founder of DeFi insurance service Nexus Mutual (NXM), has reportedly lost over $8 million to a suspected hacker.

DeFi platforms and participants alike have seen millions of dollars in funds drained from their accounts by hackers throughout 2020.

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Is ‘Shield Farming’ the Next Step for DeFi Insurance? – BeInCrypto

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is evolving so fast that new ways of generating yields are presenting themselves on a daily basis. The latest trend in the pipeline is a process being referred to as ‘shield farming.

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