Monero Hard-Fork Update May Be a Case of ‘Buy the Rumor, Sell the News’ – BeInCrypto

Privacy coin Monero has seen a huge price increase this year, along with a software update via a hard fork and the possibility of Atomic Swaps.

Monero’s rising price has been screaming for attention for weeks.

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Zcash’s Electric Coin Company Pivots to Community-Owned, Non-Profit Model – BeInCrypto

Owners of the Electric Coin Company (ECC), the same firm that founded Zcash, have agreed to donate the company to a new non-profit called the Bootstrap Project. The shift will come at an undisclosed date prior to the upcoming Zcash ‘Canopy’ network upgrade.

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Europol Sets Crosshairs on Privacy Coins – BeInCrypto

The growing popularity of privacy-centered Wasabi and Samourai bitcoin wallets has made tracking crypto transactions on the darknet harder than before.

Europol is targeting privacy protocols in their recent crime threat assessment.

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Gemini Targets Privacy with Shielded Zcash Withdrawals – BeInCrypto

Gemini is on a roll. After adding a slew of DeFi tokens to its trading platform in recent weeks and drumming up excitement in the crypto community, the exchange has now taken a step toward greater privacy, a feature that is near and dear to the hearts of crypto investors.

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Coin Usage Data Suggests Privacy No Longer a Priority for Most Cryptocurrency Users – BeInCrypto

New data from the blockchain analysis firm CoinMetrics shows that despite the availability of privacy coins like Monero, Grin, and Zcash, crypto users are not using these coins to their full potential.

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