After Second Double Spend Attack, Ethereum Classic’s Future Is in Question | Crypto Briefing

Key Takeaways

Etherfly notified the public that a malicious entity gained 51% control over the blockchain and changed the contents of over 3,800 blocks twice since August 1.
The first attack resulted in a direct double spend, with the attacker recording a gross ROI of 27x.

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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to Launch Blockchain Securities Platform

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) plans to launch its blockchain-based securities lending pool in November.
In an announcement on July 28, TASE said the platform will serve an essential function in the country’s capital markets, which currently lack a central system for securities lending.

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Noncustodial Technology and Security Is the Inevitable Future

In an increasingly digital world, security is a high-stakes game. The identities of customers along with their privacy and financial information are all in the hands of centralized security systems.

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