THETA Attempts Breakout After Considerable Bounce – BeInCrypto

Theta Token (THETA) has been increasing since bouncing at the support line of a descending parallel channel on May 19.
It is approaching a convergence point between support and resistance, thus indicating that a decisive movement will soon occur.

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THETA Drops After Reaching New All-Time High – BeInCrypto

The Theta Token (THETA) price has been declining after reaching an all-time high price on Jan. 2.

Despite the drop, THETA’s short-term move still looks bullish, allowing for the possibility of another retest of the highs and possibly a breakout.

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THETA Zones In on Setting a New All-Time High – BeInCrypto

Theta Token (THETA) has briefly reached two new all-time highs since Sept. 30, before pulling back.

Technical indicators and the price movement suggest that THETA will be successful in breaking out yet again to reach a new all-time high.

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THETA Drops Sharply After Reaching All-Time High – BeInCrypto

The Theta (THETA) token price has been moving downward since reaching an all-time high on Sept 30.

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While a short-term increase could occur, it seems likely that the price has reached a high for the foreseeable future.

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THETA Tacks on Nearly 40% Since Previous All-Time High – BeInCrypto

The Theta Network (THETA) token price broke out and reached a new all-time high on Sept 24.

The price has yet to show any clear signs of weakness and has allowed THETA to climb up another level.
THETA All-Time High
On Sept 24, THETA broke out from the $0.

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