WallStreetBets Launches Blockchain App to Fight Market Manipulation – BeInCrypto

Despite starting as a grassroots movement that had no formal hierarchy or leadership, WallStreetBets continues to shake up the established financial industry. 
WallStreetBets announced their plans today to utilize blockchain tech in an app aimed at going head-to-head market manipulation.

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Robinhood Expanding Crypto Services, Slams Coinbase | Crypto Briefing

Key Takeaways

Robinhood will be adding more crypto staff and potentially listing more coins.
CEO Vlad Tenev acknoweldged that the company lost trust for delisting GME and DOGE.
Tenev was evasive when answering questions in his recent Senate testimony.

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How Memes and YOLO Positions Are Compromising Financial Markets – BeInCrypto

With the GameStop drama coming to an end, retail investors should now think for themselves to avoid financial ruin.

2021 has witnessed an unprecedented surge of interest from retail investors looking to make money on equities and various other assets.

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Dogecoin Rally Proves Retail Investors Can Move Financial Markets – BeInCrypto

Meme cryptocurrency dogecoin (DOGE) has soared in January 2021, demonstrating the power of investor sentiment in financial markets.

2021 has been a year full of surprises for the world of finance.

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GameStop: Is This the Beginning of Something Much Bigger for Crypto? – BeInCrypto

As the crazy news cycle about GameStop and WallStreetBets continues to spin and throw us deeper into the until recently unimaginable, I’ve taken to looking backward to try and make sense of what’s happening.

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Analyzing Discord ‘Pump Group’ Spam on Twitter With Perfect Foresight – BeInCrypto

All these pumps being organized by online communities have new traders frothing at the mouth in search of the next big one. It’s no coincidence I’ve noticed an uptick in posts about joining “Discord pump groups” on Twitter.

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BeInCrypto Weekly News Roundup – February 5, 2021 – BeInCrypto

What a week in crypto! There was a full-blown rebellion against Wall Street by an army of Redditors. On the other side of the coin, Ethereum (ETH) finally broke the $1,500 handle.

And finally, the DeFi market is hotter than ever.

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GameStop Stock Returns to Earth, Robinhood Lifts Trading Ban

GameStop (GME) has declined to pre-pump levels and is hovering near $54 in pre-market trading. Meanwhile, traders are once again free to open both buy and sell orders.

On Feb 5, trading platform Robinhood lifted restrictions previously imposed on two Reddit-pumped stocks.

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Top 20 Dogecoin Addresses Hold Over 50% of DOGE Supply – BeInCrypto

Despite a growing community and recent high-profile endorsements, Dogecoin (DOGE) appears to be less sound than perhaps investors believe. The top 20 addresses reportedly hold more than 50% of the total supply.

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Reddit’s WallStreetBets Traders Did Not Pump Silver and XRP, So Who Did? – BeInCrypto

Reddit’s WallStreetBets community has been at the center of the financial market’s attention for aggressively buying up shares of video game retailer GameStop. Now, a loud minority of its user base has been credited with pushing prices of silver to an eight-year high.

As the market opened on Feb.

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