Yearn Finance surges 45% as it joins dog pack with WOOFY

Despite Dogecoin retracing from its all-time highs above $0.70, dog tokens continue to attract astonishing levels of popularity, with DeFi “blue-chip” Yearn Finance emerging as arguably the most prominent team seeking to cash in on the canine meme coin craze with the launch of its WOOFY token.

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After Yearn exploit, attacker funds frozen and reimbursement plans developing

Following an exploit last night that cost yield vault project $11 million in stablecoin DAI, crypto community members from multiple projects have rallied to mitigate the effects, reclaim exploited funds, and reimburse affected users.

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After a week of at times rancorous debate, an 11-author team of core contributors and community members have submitted today a proposal to increase the supply of YFI by 6666 tokens — a quantity worth roughly $225 million at today’s prices.

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Core contributors, investors debate Yearn token mint

What started as a simple governance proposal to build a war chest for the the development team has now spilled over into a wider conversation about incentivization, sustainability, and fair project launches in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. 
On Wednesday, Jan.

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