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Quick take:

  • The Tron website can now be accessed using the single letter domain of T.Network. 
  • Justin Sun has clarified why Tron (TRX) withdrew the $1M bounty on the Twitter Hack. 
  • Mr. Sun explained that the FBI is heading the investigation and Tron has to comply with law enforcement. 

A number of developments have graced the Tron (TRX) project this week with the most notable ones being the adoption of a single letter domain and Justin Sun explaining why Tron withdrew the $1 Million bounty offered on information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the Twitter hack.

T.Network Single Domain for the Tron Website

In the first instance, Justin Sun announced via twitter that the Tron project website can now be accessed by inputting the single letter domain of T.Network. Mr. Sun made this announcement via the following tweet.

Continual Growth of TRON

A brief look at Tronscan from the T.Network website reveals th at the Tron Network continues to grow at an exponential rate. At the time of writing this, the Tron blockchain has the following stats.


  • Over 21.8 Million blocks confirmed on the Tron mainnet.
  • Over 1.1 Billion total transactions on the Tron network.
  • Over 7 Million Tron accounts.
  • 996 total Tron nodes spread across the world.
  • 32.607 Billion Tron (TRX) frozen for voting.
  • 68,151 Smart contracts on Tron.
  • Tron (TRX) is trading at $0.018 after a local top of f0.01945.

Justin Sun Clarifies Why TRON Withdrew the $1M Twitter Hack Bounty

Also this week, Justin Sun took to Twitter to explain why TRON had withdrawn the $1 Million bounty it had set towards any information leading to the arrest of the orchestrators of the Twitter hack. Mr. Sun was responding to an article that accused the Tron foundation of sidestepping any legitimate lead that would have led to the arrest of the perpetrators. In his response, Just Sun explained the following.

We initially offered the bounty to motivate leads to the hackers but since FBI now supports this investigation, we have no choice but to be compliant w/ law enforcement. Bounty has been withdrawn to not cause disturbance to FBI’s investigation. Hope FBI catch the hackers soon!

One response to Justin’s tweet thanked the founder of TRON for his efforts and highlighted the fact that such a bounty could have impeded the progress of the FBI in finding those responsible for the hack. Below is the tweet by Justin and the response by @akiroq.


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