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One of the main problems of web3 is that the education sector lacks a qualitative, all-encompassing approach to all education that is free and taught at scale to onboard new users who possess an in-depth understanding of the technology of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and web3. This is what UNIT Masters is offering. 

What is UNIT Masters?

UNIT Masters is an online flexible and open to all 6-week free master’s program that onboards participants of all geographies regardless of their professional background, social, economical, or educational background to the new economy making it inclusive and equitable for all. So that this time, no one is left out of the economy.

During the six-week UNIT masters course we are going through various topics:

  • Week 1 Topic: Decentralization and the internet of value
  • Week 2 Topic: Blockchain & Crypto Ecosystem
  • Week 3 Topic: Blockchain and incentive alignment
  • Week 4 Topic: NFTs, Metaverse & DeFi
  • Week 5 Topic: Stakeholder Capitalism & Sustainability
  • Week 6 Topic: Unit: A token-driven economy

UNIT Masters is cohort-based giving participants a 360-degree view of blockchain, crypto, tokenization, the web3 ecosystem, and its latest developments. Each cohort consists of 12 rotating industry experts who educate and mentor participants by offering their wealth of practical knowledge and experience. This enables the education content to always remain relevant in a fast-moving industry.

During the masters, participants engage with themed content such as articles, videos, and assignments which are self-paced and are expected to take from 3.5 to 5.5 hours of your time. We also include Mentorship from the experts which is 2 hours weekly and a coaching session that lasts 1 hour weekly bringing the whole time to be invested to 7.5 hours weekly per week for 6 weeks.

Additionally, participants form study groups that meet once a week to discuss and exchange individual and collective learnings which allows you to expand your network and meet new people.  

Once the participants successfully complete the degree they get a free NFT certificate of completion which will be publicly verifiable. Enroll in Unit Masters cohort 11 starting July 29, 2022, by clicking on this link here.


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