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A new era social media platform has enabled its members to go a step further and become “Citizens” taking this online community to new heights. Built on four foundational pillars which help guide its vision: Freedom of Speech, Data Security, Equality of Opportunity and Distribution of Wealth. Additionally, the company puts over 50% of all advertising profits generated on the platform back into the community while also using a point system to incentivize content creators and readers alike to be rewarded for contributing value to the ecosystem.

Who’s on This Social Platform?

A wide variety of people use this social media platform, initially, Uptrennd was focused on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology however back in February they opened up to a more general audience allowing for a diverse collection of content. There are now over 125,000 content creators and readers from over 180+ countries, from business to art you can find it on Uptrennd.

As you can see from the below metrics based on Alexa rankings, Uptrennd only being 17 months old has already started to challenge the leading blockchain social media platforms, demonstrating why giving back and putting the community first is where the true value is.

Uptrennd Past 90-day Alexa Statistics – 11th of June 2020:

  •   18.57 Minutes Time-on-Site
  •   20 Pages-per-Visit
  •   22.4% bounce rate

Steemit Past 90-day Alexa Statistics – 11th of June 2020:

  •   2.25 mins Time on Site 
  •   2 Pages per Visit 
  •   62% bounce rate

VOICE  Past 90-day Alexa Statistics – 11th of June 2020:

  •   3.02 mins Time on Site
  •   3.4 Pages per Visit 
  •   25.5% bounce rate

Who Are Citizens?
Every member who reaches Level 20 and higher.

“In short: are members who reached this level by investing in themselves and care for their community. And they know: Quality content & commenting is the way to go. Therefore, their upvotes and downvotes will have the highest weight when given.

The current system, The higher your level is.

  • The more you can earn.

Citizenship (new system), The higher your level is.

  • The more you can earn
  • The more you can give
  • The more you influence the algorithm

For further reference, you can see the original announcement here – Citizenship

More To Come? So Much More!

  • Mobile app: Development is currently underway for both operating systems with Android already being tested by the team and IOS to follow shortly after.
  • Level Packs: For those who have a busy, fast paced life (Who doesn’t in Crypto) to still be part of something they value and want to be the best it can be a chance to be involved. Now some may say this is not equality of opportunity however this demonstrates that exactly by giving everybody a chance, combined alongside “Citizenship” this gives both those who have time and are willing to put in the work required to gain that sense of achievement as you rise quickly through the levels but this does not give somebody who has a family, full time commitments to rise quickly through the levels as it would be virtually impossible for them to dedicate so much time.
  • Community Ownership: Being a major milestone for Uptrennd, giving those who own them more control over their community on platform meaning they will be able to fully dedicate their time and efforts without the fear of losing all your hardwork as we have witnessed on Facebook, Youtube plus even now Steemit. (In the pipeline)

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