We’re Number One!

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Back in 1941, Henry Luce, Life Magazine founder, Henry Luce, wrote an editorial entitled “The American Century.†Obviously, he was right.

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But in recent decades, our world leadership had been in dispute. Then, along came Donald Trump, who pledged to “Make American great again.â€

America Now Ranks Number One For Coronavirus-Related Deaths

Although he may well be the most controversial politician since Adolph Hitler, Trump is spot-on in declaring that under his leadership, America has indeed reclaimed its rightful ranking. We are indeed once again Number One!

Just look at the numbers. Although the U.S. has just over four percent of the world’s population, our nation accounts for more than twenty percent of the deaths from the coronavirus. And just last week, we celebrated our four millionth case, far outstripping China.

Please remember that the Chinese had at least a three-month head-start.

And if that does not impress you, keep in mind that China has four times our population. But by April, we had quickly seized the lead in deaths and total cases and haven’t looked back.

But our president is far too modest to claim responsibility for this impressive public health accomplishment. In fact, he unselfishly gives full credit to China, where the virus was born. And so, he suggests that the pandemic be called “the Chinese virus,†or more colloquially, “the Kung Flu.â€

Trump Refuses To Take Any Responsibility

You would think that a man who apparently needs constant validation would demand at least a share of the credit. Imagine then how shocking it was to hear him proclaim, “I don’t take any responsibility at all.â€

But in fairness, the president does take almost full responsibility for the performance of our economy. His next trick would be to reopen the economy and watch it “take off like a rocket ship.â€

Ever the showman, Mr. Trump can now proclaim, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!†That’s right, folks! In many states in the South and West, the virus is apparently spiraling almost completely out of control.

What better indicator than the president’s cancelling the Republican national convention to protect the lives of the attendees. Or even more shocking, actually putting on a face mask, and declaring it the patriotic thing to do!

Still, the best is yet to come! The daily number of new cases has been rising very rapidly over the last few weeks, and will likely exceed one hundred thousand by Labor Day. Perhaps Mr. Trump could give an address to mark the occasion.

The United States is, by far, the national leader in the world’s pandemic competition. President Trump has every reason to feel extremely proud. And so, on November 3rd, when we go to the polls, an overwhelming number of Americans will surely give the president all the credit he deserves for once again making American Number One.

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