Web3War®’s FPS Token to Be Listed on Gate.io

Web3War® (W3W) announced that its native FPS token will be listed on Gate.io, a leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Gate.io, a global top 10 digital asset exchange by daily trading volume, and a popular home for cryptocurrency traders for over a decade, is set to list the FPS token. 

This listing is an important milestone for the Web3War® (W3W) gaming project; with support from high-profile cryptocurrency exchanges such as Gate.io, W3W can reach a wider audience to grow its player numbers and community. 

This upcoming listing brings with it the potential to influence the FPS price, trading volume, and the number of token holders, which are notable performance indicators in both the dynamic cryptocurrency market and the nascent Web3 gaming industry. 

Ownership of the FPS token deepens player engagement and opens up new possibilities within Web3War® and the broader RTz ecosystem.

About Web3War®

Web3War® (W3W) is a first-person shooter crafted by Roll1ng Thund3rz (RTz) and secured by Zilliqa. It is a multiplayer, free-to-play, seasonal content-oriented, first-person shooter (FPS) that prioritizes fun and high-quality gameplay above all else. 

W3W has established close collaboration with tech giants Google Cloud and Microsoft, where it is the first Web3 game listed on the Microsoft Store. 

About Gate.io

Founded over 10 years ago, Gate.io has followed its core mission to provide a quality trading experience and diversity of coin listings to its audience of crypto enthusiasts. It is well known for its high trading volume – top 10 globally – and for offering a wider variety of investment choices than its closest rivals. 

Gate.io has always demanded high standards of itself, allowing it to provide a safe space for trading and reliable products and services for its users. The main values of Gate.io are transparency, security, and integrity.

About Roll1ng Thund3rz

Roll1ng Thund3rz (RTz) is an integrated entertainment company building exciting products for gamers, by gamers, and leveraging both Web3 and blockchain technologies in the process. 

The core focus is the development of quality gameplay and engaging experiences that advance and shape the future of the gaming industry. RTz’s philosophy is about putting fun first, and this is demonstrated throughout its innovative games, hardware, and infrastructure. 

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a Layer-1 blockchain built to support a decentralized future by delivering security, scalability, and low fees. This popular blockchain is now utilized by a growing number of Web3 applications and services in development, especially in gaming, finance, and the metaverse. 

The Zilliqa Group is known for providing world-class Web3 and blockchain infrastructure, allowing it to facilitate industries, governments, and entrepreneurs’ seamless transition into Web3 and the spatial web.

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