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Hamster Kombat has recently been grabbing headlines in the Web 3 space and outside, mainly thanks to the platform’s growing user base. This has led to projections that it could be the next breakout crypto project to watch. 

What Is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a telegram-based game that adopts the ‘tap-to-earn’ model, whereby users earn coins by clicking. However, the team behind the game has described it as more than just a ‘clicker’ or ‘tapper’ game but as a “crypto exchange CEO simulator.” As the name suggests, users take on the identity of a hamster in the game and are expected to play as the ‘hamster CEO’ of a crypto exchange. 

As the Hamster CEO, users will need to complete various tasks to transform their crypto exchange from a startup to one of the leading exchanges in the industry. While the game adopts a clicking model, as users tap on their hamster to earn coins, it also involves a bit of strategy since these gamers will need to use accumulated points to build their crypto exchange and work their way to the top. 

Hamster Kombat is believed to be enjoying a lot of attention thanks to Notcoin, another telegram-based game which revived the popularity of the ‘tap-to-earn’ model earlier this year. Notcoin grabbed the headlines earlier this year as it onboarded over 35 million players and airdropped over 80 billion NOT tokens to its users. 

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Hamster Kombat has also promised a token launch and an airdrop on The Open Network (TON), although a date for the airdrop has yet to be confirmed. However, players can connect their wallets to the game, suggesting that the token launch and airdrop could be anytime soon. The team also recently clarified the criteria for the airdrop, as they informed players not to focus on coin balance. 

So far, Hamster Kombat has achieved impressive growth. The team claims to have gained over 200 million users since launching in March. Hamster Kombat’s popularity is also evident in its social media following, boasting 11 million followers on the X (formerly Twitter) platform and 31 million subscribers on their YouTube Channel. 

TON Network: The Biggest Beneficiary?

Tap-to-earn games like Hamster Kombat and Notcoin have undoubtedly contributed to the growth in the TON’s daily active users, which has risen from around 16,000 in January to over 300,000, according to data from Token Terminal. This has also contributed to the remarkable surge in Toncoin’s value, with the crypto token boasting a year-to-date (YTD) gain of 232%. 

The TON ecosystem could still witness an influx of new users soon enough, with some other tap-to-earn games still lurking in the shadows, including TapSwap and Catizen. These telegram games are also expected to launch their tokens on TON and carry out an airdrop like their predecessor, Notcoin. 

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