Wirex Pay Reveals WPAY Tokenomics Ahead of Mainnet Launch and Node Sale

Wirex Pay, a cutting-edge decentralized payment network incubated by the globally recognized Wirex platform, is excited to announce the tokenomics for its upcoming WPAY token. As the mainnet launch approaches in the coming weeks, Wirex Pay is unveiling the innovative structure and significant earning potential of WPAY.

Key Highlights of WPAY Tokenomics

  • Token Ticker: WPAY
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: Fixed at 10,000,000,000 tokens
  • Node Rewards: 20% of $WPAY supply allocated for node operators, with an additional up to 40% revenue share.

Innovation at the Core

Wirex Pay is designed to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Web3, providing seamless, gasless, and on-chain payment solutions. The WPAY token will be integral to the network’s governance, allowing holders to participate in the Wirex Pay DAO, stake tokens for rewards, and influence network decisions.

Node Sale and Rewards

Node operators will be the first to receive WPAY tokens, ensuring their crucial role in the network’s early stages. This strategic approach is aimed at fostering community participation and enhancing the decentralization of Wirex Pay.

“We are thrilled to reveal the tokenomics of $WPAY, marking a significant milestone as we approach our mainnet launch,” said Pavel Matveev, co-founder of Wirex Pay. “$WPAY is not just a token; it represents our commitment to a decentralized, community-driven payment network.”

Upcoming Milestones

  • Mainnet Launch: Scheduled for mid-July[GS1] , with early access to the Wirex Pay decentralized application.
  • Whitelist Sale: Begins post-mainnet launch, providing users with the opportunity to acquire nodes at favorable tier prices.
  • Public Sale: Opens shortly after the whitelist sale, allowing broader participation in the node sale.

Wirex Pay’s comprehensive tokenomics and innovative payment infrastructure promise a new era of practical cryptocurrency usage beyond mere investment. Join us as we revolutionize the future of payments with $WPAY.

For more information, visit Wirex Pay Website.

About Wirex

Wirex is a prominent UK-based digital payments platform with over 6 million customers spread across 130 countries. It offers secure accounts, making it easy for users to store, purchase, and exchange multiple currencies seamlessly.  As a principal member of both Visa and Mastercard, Wirex goes beyond traditional services, embracing the evolving trends of Web3 to provide mainstream access to digital finance and wealth management.

Having processed transactions totalling $20 billion, Wirex aims to contribute to the adoption of a cashless society by facilitating straightforward transactions in various currencies worldwide. Wirex is simplifying digital payments, making it more accessible and convenient for people across the globe. 

| wirexapp.com |

About Wirex Pay

Wirex Pay is a pioneering modular payment chain, incubated by Wirex and powered by Polygon’s advanced Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates traditional finance with blockchain, providing a decentralized, gasless, and on-chain payment infrastructure. Wirex Pay enables users to make instant, secure payments using a wide range of cryptocurrencies, all while maintaining full control over their assets.

|wirexpaychain.com |

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