YouTuber Claims Lindsay Lohan and Other Celebrities Promoted TRON

Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a tech-focused content creator with almost 14 million followers, has claimed several celebrities heavily promoted the TRON network.

It’s fair to say that altcoin season is underway. Many projects are doing everything in their power to pump their native currencies, including TRON (TRX). The platform has never been shy about its sponsored posts.

But has the smart contract network crossed a line this time? With increased scrutiny around sponsored posts and several influencers promoting anything to make a buck, is TRON involved in another controversy?.

What do Lindsay Lohan, Ne-Yo, and Lil Yachty Have in Common?

Lindsay Lohan is back in the news, this time in the cryptocurrency community for praising the TRON (TRX) network and some of its decentralized applications.

Not only did Lohan say she was a fan of TRX, but also of JUST (JST) and SUN (SUN), two obscure digital assets available on the platform. She commented on them being “super fast” before tagging and congratulating Justin Sun, the platform’s creator.

This all seemed well and good until Tuesday, Feb 16 when Brownlee claimed he knew the real motivations behind why Lohan and others were commending TRON. Brownlee’s most recent video focuses on cryptocurrencies, specifically DOGE, but gets into a much more heated topic around the six-minute mark.

The Controversy Continues

Brownlee shows his audience a screenshot of an email he received from a marketing company, soliciting him to promote TRON to his Twitter followers. The campaigner also states that the TRON campaign already includes tweets from Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Cerny, Ne-Yo, and Lil Yachty, but none of them put a ‘sponsored’ indicator on the tweets.

Brownlee continues reading the email, showing that the campaigner states explicitly that, “We need not make it look like a ‘sponsored tweet,’” followed with a “happy to compensate.”

The campaigner claims he wants his ‘honest opinion’ and ‘nothing dictated or scripted’ by the marketers. Still, perhaps all it takes is some reading between the lines.

Apart from Brownlee, none of the other influencers are particularly technologically savvy, so this promotion may not be about pure fundamentals. It appears that TRON wants to promote its platform for the upcoming altseason.

There appears to be no indisputable evidence to back these claims up yet, however. In such a highly unregulated industry, there is often little recourse for such promotions.


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