Outdated Tax Form Costs Crypto Traders Thousands | Crypto Briefing

Key Takeaways

The leading U.S. tax regulator informed crypto traders about misreporting of taxes for year 2018.
For many, this has led to cumbersome tax audits or hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.
The discrepancy is caused by 1099-K Form used by crypto exchanges.

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Bitcoin’s Price is Ahead of Fundamentals by 6 – 9 Months – BTC Analyst – Ethereum World News

Quick take:

Timothy Peterson has pointed out that Bitcoin’s price is ahead of its fundamentals by 6 – 9 months
However, this is not a big concern as it sometimes happens with technology in the limelight
Bitcoin has a high chance of breaking $20k.

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Dutch family that sold everything for BTC in 2017 is still buying | CryptoSlate

Known as the Bitcoin family, the Taihuttus made news back in 2017 when they liquidated all of their assets for Bitcoin. Three years later, CNBC got back in touch with the nomad family to find out that they’re still accumulating BTC and buying every dip they can.

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Ethereum options volume hits record high—but why is demand surging? | CryptoSlate

The volume of the Ethereum options market hit a record high as the demand for ETH increased in recent weeks. It follows the high-profile confirmation of Eth2 release, which was formalized after deposits to the Eth2 contract address reached its threshold.

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