Bitcoin Bounces at $29,000 After Taking a Tumble – BeInCrypto

The Bitcoin (BTC) price decreased significantly on Jan. 27. It reached a double bottom and bounced at the $29,000 support area.

Bitcoin is expected to resume its upward movement toward the $33,800 resistance area and could potentially move higher.

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Anthony Scaramucci says GameStop rally is evidence of Bitcoin “proof of concept” | CryptoSlate

Former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci says the GameStop rally shows why Bitcoin, as a concept, will succeed.
Bitcoin’s bright future
The GameStop rally has come to symbolize individual power exceeding the might of Wall Street.

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Mystery surrounds bizarre class-action lawsuit against Ripple over $48 loss

The Ripple community is at a loss to explain the motivation behind a class-action lawsuit filed by Florida man Tyler Toomey against Ripple Labs and Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse over a $48.56 loss.
In November 2020, Toomey purchased 135 XRP tokens at $0.724 each for a total value of $97.80.

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Costa Ricans Need Crypto Alternatives to US Dollar-Backed Colonia – BeInCrypto

Costa Rica is pretty laid-back when it comes to crypto, especially its laws.

Article 166 of Costa Rica’s Labor Code, for example, allows for employees’ salaries — if they exceed the amount covering the minimum wage — to be paid using forms of compensation including cryptocurrency.

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