Bitwise CIO believes market has not priced in future demand for Bitcoin post-halving

Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan cast doubt on whether current prices truly capture the potential impact of increased demand following Bitcoin’s upcoming halving based on the Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH).

Hougan raised critical questions about the limitations of EMH in anticipating what the market will be like post-halving. He pointed out that while EMH suggests that Bitcoin’s current price reflects all available information, including the anticipated supply cut from the halving — it does not account for unexpected shifts in market demand.

Hougan said:

“The halving is well known, so today’s price reflects that it will occur… [but] what if future demand for bitcoin is higher than the market currently anticipates?”

The Bitwise CIO added that the market might have already priced in the direct effects of the halving, but the hypothesis cannot anticipate the level of future demand.

Hougan referenced Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller’s work, which highlights the discrepancies between EMH predictions and actual market behavior, to support his arguments.

Shiller’s research suggests that while EMH may be applicable on a micro-scale to individual stocks, broader market trends can defy these predictions.

Forced vs. willing sellers

Hougan also delved into the dynamic between “forced” and “willing” sellers within the Bitcoin ecosystem. He explained that miners, who face high operational costs, are primarily forced sellers and will see their contributions to market supply drop significantly post-halving.

This reduction shifts the market trend toward willing sellers, who have to be compelled to let go of their Bitcoin by offering higher prices. Willing sellers mostly comprise long-term holders.

He argued that this shift could create “significant upward price pressure” if the market has indeed underestimated future demand, suggesting a bullish outcome as increased demand meets a limited supply.

As the bitcoin community and investors around the globe prepare for the halving, Hougan’s critical analysis provides a thought-provoking perspective on how traditional economic theories like the EMH apply to the dynamic and often unpredictable crypto markets.

His insights suggest that investors should consider potential deviations from established market predictions, underscoring the complexities and uncertainties that come with crypto investments.

Bitcoin was trading at $64,300 as of press time, roughly seven hours away from its fourth halving.

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