Ethereum Game ‘Space Nation Online’ Launches Airdrop Rewards in Beta – Decrypt

Space Nation Online, an Ethereum-based sci-fi MMORPG built on the Immutable zkEVM scaling network, has announced a 10-week airdrop rewards event while the game is in closed beta.  

On Monday, players who held certain NFTs became eligible to receive “OIK shards” (effectively airdrop points) for Space Nation Online. Each day at 9:05 UTC, a snapshot of NFT holders will be taken and those players will receive their OIK shards, which can be converted to OIK tokens at a 10:1 ratio. OIK is the primary token for the wider Space Nation franchise.

Space Nation was founded in 2019 by gaming industry veterans Jerome Wu and Tony Tang. The Los Angeles-based video game developer is backed by filmmaker Roland Emmerich known as the “master of disaster” for directing the films “Stargate,” “2012,” and “Independence Day.”

During the “Cosmorathon” event, up to 10 million OIK tokens will be airdropped until the event finishes the morning of June 16.



The amount of shards gamers earn will be dependent on which NFT they hold. Owners of the Alpha Gate NFT will earn 539.572 OIK shards per day, while the Prime Navigator NFT grants holders 289.715 OIK shards per day

It’s important to note that while shards do not need to be converted to tokens right away, they will expire once the event ends—instantly becoming worthless.

This is phase 1 of the event, and in phase 2, “a series of social events will be released.” There are currently no dates or further details on this phase of the Cosmorathon.



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