MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin ‘End Game’: Saylor Shares His Plan

In an interview with Julie Hyman of Yahoo Finance, Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, shared profound insights into his company’s ambitious strategy surrounding its Bitcoin investments. Saylor detailed his ‘end game’ plan and offered a detailed glimpse into the company’s long-term vision.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin ‘End Game’

Saylor passionately stated, “Well, we think Bitcoin is the highest form of property, the apex property in the world, and it’s the best investment asset, so the end game is to acquire more Bitcoin. Whoever gets the most Bitcoin wins. There is no other end game.” This declaration succinctly captures MicroStrategy’s investment ethos, prioritizing the accumulation of BTC over traditional asset considerations.

Addressing Hyman’s questions regarding the ‘end game’ for MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings, Saylor drew a compelling analogy to New York City real estate, a market known for its resilience and value appreciation over centuries. He remarked, “Let’s take New York City in 1776 didn’t have an endgame, they’ve been raising capital to invest in New York City real estate at the all-time high for 300 years. If you’ve ever talked to a person that owned an apartment in New York City […] They put it in their will. They give it to their children.”

Further exploring the concept of BTC as a unique asset class, Saylor vehemently opposed the notion of selling the holdings for profit. He elaborated, “People that use fiat currency as a store of value, there’s a name for them. We call them poor. Anybody that’s rich in the world, they own property […] The royal family of England didn’t sell all of its property in central London […] nor did the royal family of Japan, nor did the royal family in the Middle East.”

Here, Saylor underscores the historical precedent for wealth preservation through property, positioning BTC as the digital equivalent of land or real estate in terms of its value retention and appreciation potential. Expanding on Bitcoin’s intrinsic value, Saylor envisioned it as a “city in cyberspace,” limited to 21 million ‘blocks,’ positing an eventual clamor for space within this digital metropolis.

BTC Could Grow 10-100x

He projected, “There’s $900 trillion of wealth in the world. As people migrate from every other form of property and assets into cyberspace, you’re going to see the Bitcoin network go from a trillion dollar network to a 10X that to 100X that, and there really is nowhere else to go.” This perspective showcases Saylor’s belief in Bitcoin’s finite supply driving its value as demand increases.

In conclusion, Saylor reinforced his stance on the futility of selling the ‘winning’ asset for ‘losers,’ affirming, “Bitcoin is going to appreciate in value faster than the S&P index. It’s going to appreciate in value faster than commercial real estate […] and so we’re just going to keep acquiring Bitcoin with our cash flows, with equity or capital raises, any other accretive method that comes to mind.”

This detailed discourse by Saylor not only solidifies MicroStrategy’s strategy but also offers a visionary outlook on Bitcoin’s role as the ultimate asset class, heralding a new era in wealth management and investment strategy.

At press time, BTC traded at $72,710.

Bitcoin Price
BTC price grinds higher, 1-hour chart | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

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