Decentralized Storage Project Filecoin Up 25% in Sea of Red

The current price of Filecoin is currently about $90, its highest price since May 18. The coin began rising yesterday afternoon, when it crept up from about $75 to highs of $96, according to data metrics site Nomics. 
Despite the enticing green numbers and a staggering market cap of $6.

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Binance Says $4.6M Filecoin ‘Double Deposit’ an API Mistake – Decrypt

In brief

Users discovered a Filecoin exploit that allowed funds to be deposited more than once on Binance.
It’s not technically a “double spend,” since the transaction only happened once on the Filecoin blockchain.
Filecoin and Binance are saying it’s not a bug—just an “incorrect use” of APIs.

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