ViaBTC×Goldshell: Mine KAS, Win Double Rewards KA BOX & Coupons!

ViaBTC, a leading global crypto mining pool, teamed up with Goldshell, a renowned mining machine manufacturer, to kick off the “KAS Mining Party”.

This event aims to reward both newcomers and long-standing members of the KAS community, further reduce the mining costs for KAS miners, and continue to provide an efficient and stable mining experience. Participants mining KAS via ViaBTC during the event stand a chance to win Goldshell’s latest KA BOX, along with enjoying multiple coupon benefits!

Introduction to Kaspa (KAS)

Kaspa (KAS), a representative project of BlockDAG technology, emerged in 2023, becoming one of the most eye-catching Proof of Work (PoW) projects. Over the past year, it has brought investors unimaginable returns. Especially after Ethereum completed its merger upgrade to Proof of Stake (PoS), KAS quickly became the new favorite of miners due to its highly attractive mining returns.

The details are as follows

  1. Duration – March 27, 2024, 08:00 – April 12, 2024, 08:00 (UTC)
  2. Entrance – Please visit the website.
  3. Requirements
    1. Users need to connect their KAS hashrate to ViaBTC during the event period.
    2. During the event, the duration of the connected KAS hashrate by users needs to be ≥7 days, and the daily average hashrate reaches 5T.
    3. Users need to ensure that they still have hashrate on the day the event ends.
      Users who meet the above requirements can participate in the event’s lottery.
  4. Rewards
    • First Prize: A Goldshell’s latest miner-KA BOX and a ViaBTC 30-day 50% fee coupon.
    • Second Prize: A purchase coupon for the KA BOX worth $50-$100 and a ViaBTC 30-day 50% fee coupon.
    • Third Prize: A ViaBTC 30-day 50% fee coupon.

For a more detailed introduction to KA BOX, please visit the Goldshell official website.

Goldshell KA BOX: With a hashrate of 1.18 TH/s and a power consumption of only 400 W, it is a quiet, energy-saving mining rig suitable for home mining.

For more details on the event, please refer to the [Event Announcement].

Please follow ViaBTC via the official channels to find out more about the event: X | Telegram | Website

Why choose ViaBTC for mining KAS

  1. Revenue is settled every 10 minutes.
    1. ViaBTC supports a KAS mining profit settlement every 10 minutes.
    2. Users can check revenue details and withdraw mining revenue at any time.
  2. Multiple asset management methods are supported.
    1. KAS to USDT conversion/auto-conversion is supported.
    2. Unique ecological advantages, withdrawal to CoinEx Exchange charges 0 fees and is processed immediately.
    3. Revenue sharing is supported, through which your partners can receive a proportionate share of the mining yield from the current account.

About Goldshell

Goldshell Miner is an industry-leading technology company, was founded in 2017. The headquartered is based in Shanghai, Goldshell Miner has offices in Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. The current R&D personnel accounts for more than 70% of the company. The core team has more than 10 years of experience in the integrated circuit field.

We are focusing on high-performance miners and application fields, continuously working and completing the product lineup. Now, we have entry mining level – BOX series, Intermediate level – Lite series, and Professional miner level. Combine and offer the different miner types to ASIC market needs.

About ViaBTC

ViaBTC, founded in May 2016, has provided professional, efficient, safe and stable crypto mining services for over one million users in 130+ countries/regions around the world, with a cumulative mining output value of tens of billions of dollars. This world-leading, all-inclusive mining pool offers mining services spanning more than ten mainstream cryptos that include BTC, LTC, and KAS.

Backed by one-stop services covering ViaBTC Pool, CoinEx Exchange, and CoinEx Wallet, ViaBTC strives to offer global users more supporting tools, stabler and more efficient mining services, as well as better product experience.

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